Birthday Kicks
"Gotta Believe" 7'EP

Birthday Kicks is a power trio from Larissa, Greece who formed in mid 2013 combining rock’n’roll, stoner, psychedelic rock and punk in a very special sound, characterized by them as stone’n’roll.“Gotta Believe” is their 7 inches vinyl debut release, a 100% DIY production with excellent sound and high quality packaging.
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Los Pasados
"s/t" LP

Los pasados formed In Serres-Greece circa November 2010. Their music is a combination of metalic/hardcore punk with lots of melodic parts and aggressive attitude. On 2014 the band had its first full-length album, a totally DIY production and release of 300 limited hand-numbered copies in transparent red vinyl and diy gatefold package.
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Αρχή Του Τέλους
"Πτώση" LP

Αρχή Του Τέλους (Beginning of The End) is a political post hc/punk band from Athens that was formed in 2000. "Πτώση" (Fall) was originally released in late 2013 on tape only, but together with the band and Scarecrow Records we decided to released it on vinyl. New mastering was done early this year and the record is released on 320 copies (black vinyl).
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Sardanapam Death 
"κονομικός κύκλος" LP

Sardanapalm Death are a hardcore punk group created in Patras in 2007. ''Κονομικός Κύκλος'' LP is their first complete release which contains 10 agressive old school hardcore tracks under a furiously screaming throat. The songs where recorded in August 2013 at Zero Point Studio ( in Patras. Mixed and Mastered by Sentna ( Artwork by Putrefurnaced (
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"Damnation Is Forever"  7'EP

Stheno is a new brutal act from Volos, Greece that rose from the ashes of Bedlam and Unfit Earth. Damnation Is Forever deliver 5 tracks of heavy death/grind with elements of crust and black metal.
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Dyspnea / Unfit Earth
split LP

Dyspnea from Tirnavos (Greece) strike back following a six year long hiatus! Five gloomy and depressing crust songs composed during the past few years and recorded one afternoon in May 2013. Unfit Earth from Volos (Greece) present three heavy metallic crust songs recorded in spring 2013. Dan/Mammoth Sound Mastering.Artwork by ADMC07

"μοντερνα πανουκλα"  LP

Πανδημία (Pandemia) are a Post-Punk band from Athens/Greece. Heavily influenced by the old UK Anarcho Punk scene of the 80's and the early Greek Hard Core/Punk scene of the same era. For punks who like bands such as The System, Crisis and Adiexodo.

Unfit Earth / Dirty Wombs
Split 7'EP

DIRTY WOMBS play crust hardcore in their first outing on vinyl.first release for UNFIT EARTH from Volos city, plays dark crust with haunting reverb soaked vocals.
3 tracks in  7"inch, two songs for D.W. and one for U.E. 

Βlack Trinity​ /​ Cancer Spreading
split 7'EP

Black Trinity from Thessaloniki, Greece deliver one track of raw black metal that
sounds like it was taken from a lost Mayhem early recording,  Cancer Spreading from Italy lay waste with old-school crust in the vein of Axegrinder and early Bolt Thrower.
Artwork by
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"awakening from lethargy" LP

it's true! new album from PANIKOS. six songs recorded
in the summer of 2009, half of which come form old demos and the rest are brand new. The group sounds slightly different in this recording, which is heavier and more metal, but the spirit of crust punk lives on in their music and lyrics

Kalazaar / (A)Truth
split 7'EP

Athens anarcho-punk band  vs  New York anarcho-punk band!  
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Go Filth Go! / Besthoven
split 7'EP

crasher d-beat japcore from Greece vs old school d-beat mayhem from Brasil  
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Humus / N.I.S.
Split 7'EP

italy wicked fastcore speedfreaks/italy powerful crust
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Novi Cvetya

Novi Cvetya is the oldest punk rock band from Bulgaria (formed in 1979!).4 raw songs from 1980-91 in style of SHAM 69,UK SUBS. 
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Dyspnea / Nakot
split 7’EP

DYSPNEA from Greece plays a heavy crust-core style with one song in greek language and one more in English.NAKOT from Serbia plays skandinavian hc-crust with 3 songs in serbian language.Art covers from doomsday graphics.  
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“s/t” CD

Fast, loud hardcore with male/female vocals from Madrid. 21 tracks full of anger and political messages.  
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Vulgo Acrata
"O silencio nos mata" LP

dark hardcore crust in the typical brasilian tradition, with clear influences of ABUSO SONORO, but adding slow bits with emotive guitars in the vein of EKKAIA.  
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Tropiezo / Outraged
split CD

Tropiezo plays fast hardcore punk from Puerto Rico and Outraged hardcore crust from Watsonville, California. This CD includes one more extra track than the 7".  
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La Miseria De Tu Rostro
“un..intenciones” CD

LA MISERIA DE TU ROSTRO evolved from the ashes of classic Chilean hardcore/punk bands such as COLAPSO AUDITIVO or SIN APOYO. This CD is their first album, which was recorded at C.F.A. studios, Santiago de Chile.    
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"canzoni ribelli" CD

Political Oi!Streetpunk from Italy. 13 traditional anarchist songs in both versions (original and cover) sung in Italian. CDROM track with an ABC pamphlet. Coreleased w/ El Paso, Knot, Anfibio, Solitude Urbaine, Goldrings, Take Away, Infected, Spaghetti, Sole Zenith, Emergency, Lean On Me!, We Don't Fight It & Gladiator.   
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