DIY greek scene distribution

We Dont Fight It releases:
BIRTHDAY KICKS "black echo trap” 12 e 
PROCRASTINATE "ideals to burn” 7'ep (5 e)
BIRTHDAY KICKS "gotta believe"  7'ep  (5 e)
LOS PASADOS  "s/t"  LP  (10 e)
ΑΡΧΗ ΤΟΥ ΤΕΛΟΥΣ "πτωση"  LP  (10 e)
SARDANAPALM DEATH "κονομικος κυκλος"  LP (7 e)
STHENO "Damnation Is Forever"  7'ep (5 e)
DYSPNEA / UNFIT EARTH  split LP  (8 e)
UNFIT EARTH /  DIRTY WOMBS  split 7'ep  (3.50 e)

ΠΑΝΙΚΟΣ "awakening from lethargy" LP (7 e) 
KALAZAAR / (A)TRUTH   split 7'ep  (3 e)
HUMUS / N.I.S.  split 7'ep  (3 e)
ANTITENTAX “s/t”  cd  (5 e)
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CALF "bastards anatomy use a unicorn go to apathy" 10 e   post rock / noise.
ΜΑΣΤΙΓΑ-ΚΑΤΑΔΙΚΗ-REALIST  "Η ΤΙΜΗ ΤΗΣ ΣΙΩΠΗΣ" 9 e  3 way split with 90s greek hardcore punk bands.
ΕΝ-ΨΥΧΡΩ "απροσωπη μαζα" 12 e   hardcore punk from cyprus.
CONSPIRASY OF DENIAL "s/t" 10 e  female fronted crust from athens.
ΠΑΝΔΗΜΙΑ/ERA OF FEAR 11 e  80s anarcho punk/dark anarcho post punk.
KAMIKAZI/CORPSES 12 e   punk hardcore r'n'r  
XAOTIKO TEΛΟΣ "μπροστα στη παρανοια" 10 e  historic metal hc from 90s.
CHERNOBYL ATTACK "s/t" 11 e   raw noise political punk from athens
DIRTY WOMBS "opposite flow" 9 e  hardcore/punk,japanese hc.
THE VOODOO PIE RATS "s/t"  11 e  rock' n' roll,swing,punk rock.
SCREAMING DEAD BALLOONS "s/t"  10 e  Noise Psychedelic rock from larisa.
JUNKHEART "καμια πατριδα" 10 e  new diy band with KILL THE CAT members plays melodic punk & acoustic.
ΠΝΕΥΜΑΤΙΚΗ ΔΙΑΨΕΥΣΗ "ανεξιτηλα σημαδια + 2" 12 e   historic 90s hc/punk/thrash band.
FAITHREAT "s/t"  9 e  thrash/hardcore/punk from volos
MY TURN "athens"  9 e  hardcore sxe from athens.
DIRTY WOMBS / GUTTER  10 e  hardcore crust with english/greek lyrics.

SCREAMING DEAD BALLONS "banana blue" 10 e   noise psychedelic garage,second album.

VINYLS 7'eps 
STHENO/WORLD DOWNFALL 5 e  split grindcore/crust/death/black metal.
ΧΩΡΙΣ ΟΙΚΤΟ / GUTTER "μουσικη για τα παιδια σας" 5 e  hardcore punk
RITA MOSS/THE YOU AND WHAT ARMY FACTION 5 e split noise rock, no wave post punk.
DIRTY WOMBS "wrecked youth" 5 e japanese hardcore punk
TERROR DETONATOR "awake the victims" 5 e thrash metal.
ΞΕΡΑ "s/t" 5 e   hardcore/punk.
ΗΛΙΟΣ ΘΑΝΑΤΟΥ "s/t" 6 e  metallic crusty hardcore.
GUTTER "s/t" 5 e   hardcore punk athens
OLDSCHOOL REDNEX "s/t" 5 e  punkrockers!
ZVARNA/ JAGERNAUT  5 e  split, grind crust punks!
STHENO/GRASSROLL "wolfkind" 5 e  split blackmetal,grindcore,crust
BMW ROCKERS 57 "doctor psycho" 5 e  punk r n roll salonika.
HELLSTORM "s/t" 5 e  d-beat / crust, stench core.
ERA OF FEAR  "s/t"  5 e  new post punk wave band from Xanthi city.
ALECTO  "minyma"  5 e  dark hardcore cruct from Volos .
GO FILTH GO  "5 Tracks Noise"  3 e   d-beat japcore.
DEVASTATION OF LIFE  "s/t"  3 e   Grindcore
FAITHREAT "thrashing with the stars" 5 e   Thrashcore from volos city

ΣΚΟΤΟΔΙΝΗ “ανυποφορη κατασταση” (free contribution) dark punk
MITIC THREESOME "the sparkling arcane network that impairs and degenerates aptitude" 5 e nowave,post punk.
ANEF ''Smash Your TV Screen'' 4 e experimental funk punk.
KALPA "Dissociation" 5 e post-hardcore/post-metal
DOWNWARD SPIRAL "the things to come" 5 e  hardcore crust  cyprus
ΕΝΤΟΣ ΤΩΝ ΤΕΙΧΩΝ "s/t" + zine 5 e  metal punk cyprus.
SARDANAPALM DEATH "κονομικος κυκλος" (free contribution-ελευθερη συνεισφορα) 
INDICO "καθρεφτης ονειρων" 5 e  melodic punk rock
ΠΑΝΚΡΕΑΣ "προβληματικα παιδια"  (free contribution-ελευθερη συνεισφορα) 
ΜΕΘΥΣΜΕΝΑ ΞΩΤΙΚΑ "Ψειριστική" 3 e third album form this great band.
ΜΕΘΥΣΜΕΝΑ ΞΩΤΙΚΑ "s/t"  5 e   Punk/Ska/Rock/Hip-hop
BAD TRIP  "s/t"  5 e    instrumental experimental post hardcore.
UNDERWATER CHESS "in joy your fear"  5 e  experimental music with guitar-violin fx. 
TERROR DETONATOR "s/t"  1 e  thrash attack!
KILL THE CAT "φιλια στο χαος"  5 e   new album! punkskacore
CENSORED SOUND "shadows"  5 e   Old school hardcore from Athens.
V/A “ACTION MUTANTE” digicd  5 e  Compilation cd,benefitial to a DIY collective from Greece.
CENSORED SOUND/ FOR NO REASON  digicd  4 e    Split old school HC bands.
STRAIT JACKET FIT  "lies"   digi-cd     5 e   experimental  hc punk...
RELEASED ANGER  ‘violent instincts’ 4 e    Thrash / Metal
INDICO "πριν το τελευταίο σύμπτωμα"   4 e    Punk rock,hc

S.V.M.s "anthology of howls" 3 e  postpunk/deathrock
ΑΝΤΙΣΤΡΟΦΗ ΜΕΤΡΗΣΗ vol.1   (free contribution)   political punk 
TERRORISMO MUSICAL / DISTURBANCE PROJECT   3 e  split ep  spanish old school grindcore ex-Denak vs greek grind.
NATARAJA  demo   2 e  atmospheric oriented, dark psychedelic sound!

UPTIGHT BASTARDS "s/t"  3 e    d beat metal punk
BLACK TRINITY  „in this...hell“     2 e   
old-school black metal


THE MALLOY'S KIDS “...can't die by a shot” 3 e  horror punk r'n'roll
ΜΠΡΙΖΕΣ “ελα να πεθανεις” 3 e  proto-punk noise

Winterview fanzine, issue #2   2 e 
featuring:  The Estranged / Lifewreck / Αρχή Του Τέλους / Mass Culture
Size: A5 / 60pgs